The Keirsey Test Results

Here are the various results which ucam.chatterers supplied for their attempts at the Keirsey Personality Test. To avoid getting myself into trouble under various privacy laws, scores are only listed where I have been given explicit permission to publish them. If your name isn't here, you haven't given me or my predecessors permission to publish your score, or possibly simply haven't taken the test! Mail to have your score added!

Name 1996 result 1999 result
Colin Bell EXFJ
Eleanor Blair ESFP
Clare Boothby INTJ
Chris Brown ISTJ
Alex Burr INTJ
Emma Burt INFJ
Mark Carroll ENTJ
Vicky Clarke iNFj
Pete Corbett INTP
Richard CorfieldXNFP (2nd try: ENFP)
Austin Donnelly INTJ (2nd try: ISTJ)
Tim Down INTP
Owen Dunn INFJ (2nd try: INFJ)INFJ
Martin HardcastleINFJ
Mark Harrison INTP
Dave Hinton XNTX
Dave Holland EXXJ (40/50/50/40)
Clare Izard ESFJ
Ian Jackson ENTJ XNTX
John Joyce ISTJ
Liz Keogh ENFP
Richard KettlewellINTJ
Andy Loan INTX
Marisa Lohr iNTp
Mark Mackey ENTP
Steve McIntyre XSTJ
Paul Menage INTP
Andrew Mobbs IXTJ
Martin Read ESTJ (2nd try: INFP (!))
Dickon Reed ENTJ (40/70/30/35)
Duncan Richer eNTj
Dan Sheppard INFP (60/100/84/100)
Matthew SlatteryINTP
Simon Tatham INTJ
Chuan-Tze Teo XNTP (50/100/95/90)
Matthew Vernon INFP
Richard Watts ENTP

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