The Home Page is a Usenet newsgroup local to Cambridge University. Its purpose (according to the newsgroups file) is ``miscellaneous discussion within Cambridge University''. This roughly translates to general wibbling, rants, and religious diatribes. I mean debates. It is roughly the successor of the GROGGS discussion system on Phoenix, the University's (now defunct) mainframe.

Firstly, an as-yet incomplete list of ucam.chatters. Or is that ucam.chatterers?

Colin Bell <> runs the occasional Colonel Blotto competition. Read all about it. See how well my set of pseudo-random numbers performed against everyone else's hard-thought strategies!

Hot off the presses, I mean straight from the html-grinders, here is the FAQ, version 0.9, as compiled by Austin Donnelly <>. Find out the answers to all those questions you've been wanting to ask but haven't dared... And those questions that make you wonder why anyone would want to know the answer. Worth a read, anyway. Please note that this version of the FAQ still refers to in a couple of places; myrddin no longer exists (for all practical purposes) and the FAQ will be updated soon. For reference, here are a couple of old FAQs -- version 0.8, version 0.6 and version 0.3. Other versions may have existed, but only in legend. Or nightmare.

A recurring fad on was the Keirsey Personality Test. Some people have kindly allowed me to publish their scores. In a similar vein, the Kingdomality personality test tells you your place in a medieval society. Here are some ucam chatterers' Kingdomality test scores.

Some people have posted recipes to the group, which have duly been archived here for your delectation.

Next we have the official Cambridge quotes file, as maintained by Owen Dunn - not solely concerned with but there's quite a lot of stuff there.

And here is the stereogram. Allegedly this piece of brain-mangling, eye-crossing splendour was created by Simon Parry <>.


6th June, 1994

Here's the multiply-signed napkin from when we had a pizza-meet. Apparently this was on the 6th June, 1994. I don't know, I can't remember. Oh yes, this was scanned by that Austin fellow.

5th November, 1994

Yuck! What's this? It's a piece of paper with some signatures on - from the fireworks/pubmeet on 5th November 1994. Again, that Austin person seems to have had a hand in this.

19th November 1994

A pubmeet took place at - you guessed - the Ancient Druids. We have photographic evidence (scanned by David Allsopp) of vicious and brutal group hugging being inflicted on an innocent Cthulhu-worshipper. Oh, the shame of it...

26th November, 1994

Here is yet another serviette signed by random people. This came from the pubmeet on the 26th November 1994.

4th February, 1995

Look, guys, this thing about signing random objects (oh look, another two) -- what is it?? This time it was Saturday the 4th of February, 1995, at the Ancient Druids, strangely enough.

4th November, 1995

Another oddity -- a signed fiver. {An icon thereof.} Will the bank accept this one? Looks like the Ancient Druids didn't... This is from the fireworks meet on Saturday 4th November 1995.

20th January, 1996

Roll up, roll up for the next big thing in signed paper items. Although this is a bit mundane -- we couldn't find anything better to sign than a piece of A4 paper... from the A.D. pubmeet on Saturday 20th January, 1996. (That was the one where the organising discussion went something like: "Hmm, the Ancient Druids. How about somewhere more original?" "OK, how about the Ancient Druids?")

25th May, 1996.

Time for revision? No, time for yet another excuse to consume unbecoming amounts of alcohol (mine's a Bombardier, please) and deface more paper. This pubmeet was unusual partly because of the sheer number of people who turned up -- I counted 34 at one point -- but also because of the wide timespan of chatterers and groggers in attendance. And Julian was there, too.

7th March, 199?

This piece of paper is all that remains of the Curry meet on 7th March.

?th ?, 1997/8?

Jacob Nevins found this beermat at the bottom of his ftp space, but we can't date it any more precisely than "before February 13th 1998". Can anyone help?

24th October, 1998

David Mansell seems to have been custodian of the beermats for this occasion. I think we can safely assume this was at the Ancient Druids...

28th November, 1998

Thanks to Matthew Byng-Maddick for this strange signed leaflet , which proves the existence of a / oxbridge.tat pub meet from late November 1998.

13th March, 1999

On 13/3/99, once more at the Druids, AOL and Microsoft kindly supplied us with some beer mats, which were duly scribbled on.

18th September, 1999

At the Castle this time, and a large number of people crowded into a small area of pub known as the snug and consumed (among other things) treacle toffee. Oh, and signed a poster.

16th October, 1999

The Castle was packed out, so the assembled crowd of chatterers were forced to resort to the great outdoors to find room. This didn't seem to discourage them from signing Archaeology for All, though.

And, most important of all, the newsgroup. (This is available only from Cambridge. Rumour has it that people from the Other Place read too.)

That's all, folks! Any submissions to me, please.

Tue Mar 7 17:14:30 GMT 2000
Owen Dunn <>